We held parties for 9 different facilities in Vrygrond, Capricorn and Overcome Village and were able to bless over 340 children during this time with gifts, treats and much-needed necessities. In addition, we were able to provide gifts to 2 local Sunday School Groups. We would like to thank the following angels who waved their wands and made the following magic happen:

  • The Angel Network WC for incredible support with gifts
  • Timour Hall Primary School for support with gifts and assistance at parties
  • Cape Nutriscience for Juices
  • Barretts Ridge Beer Bread for Party Packs
  • Lisa Thomas Studio for Dried Fruit Packs
  • Ingrid Schoeman  for treats
  • Emma Rowberry  for assistance

We would also like to thank most sincerely those who have assisted throughout the year by making it possible to continue our feeding scheme feeding over 200 children per day:

  • Susan Malby
  • Shereen Digre
  • Wendy Purdon
  • Nina Hill
  • XtraOrdinary Women
  • Barretts Ridge Beer Bread
  • Fresh, the laundry
  • KS Concepts
  • Jenny Brown
  • Woolworths Capricorn Park
  • Timothy Stockwell
  • Alex Watson
  • NEO Trading

Thank you all for your incredible generosity and open hearts. It is no small task to feed 200 children on a daily basis and we couldn’t possibly do this without you. It made our hearts sing to bring so much joy to so many more children this Christmas.