Terrasano, meaning healthy earth, was founded to create affordable and accessible food and nutrition solutions that benefit both people and the planet. When people make food choices that are healthy for their bodies, these choices are automatically healthy for the earth. And vice versa: what is good for the planet is good for the body. There is no separation.

It began in a medical practice in Cape Town where Medical Doctor Yesheen Singh and Vegan Lifestyle Coach Remo Belluco focused on using nutrition and Ayurvedic, TCM and Naturopathic herbology to support healing and a return to vitality. They saw that modern food producers were compromising quality and health benefit for production efficiency and profit and thought a better way could be found to manufacture both convenient and healthy products.

Phyto Pro is the first range Terrasano produces. It comprises protein nutrition shakes, smoothie mixes and supplements that support an active lifestyle. The main differentiator is their focus on clean products and their guiding principle which is “first do no harm” (from the hippocratic oath). They extend that principle of ‘doing no harm’ from the clinical environment into the food manufacturing space. They use clean pea protein isolate, extracted without chemicals and heavy metal contamination from peas grown without chemical fertilisers. To this they add clean, entirely plant-based ingredients, drawing from the Ayurvedic and Naturopathic schools of herbology employed in the practice.

Phyto Pro sees food as medicine – it is the third most influential input into the human body, after air and water. From these basic inputs we can expect health and vitality for decades to come. To us, it is obvious that the quality of the inputs – the quality of our nutrition, the cleanliness of our air and water, directly influence the quality of our health.