2021 started early in January for us at Ukama. Our SOUP-er Heroes who were all looking forward to a_ break were called back to reopen soup kitchens for the community that were suffering severe hunger.

Queues in the areas we serve have remained long throughout January and into February as the economic crisis continues in South Africa.

Our Ukama SOUPerHero initiative has kitchens in the following areas and serves up to 2000 meals per day.

Capricorn/ Vrygrond x 3 Kitchens
Overcome Heights x 1 Kitchen

Ukama provides all food ingredients, cooking utensils and gas/electricity.
Ukama SOUPerHeroes give their time voluntarily.

It is not easy providing up to 12 000 meals per week. Our needs for non-perishable foods and cash donations continues.

We currently need the following items each WEEK

– Rice 120kg
– Samp 70kg
– Beans 40kg
– Lentils or Dried Soup Mix 90kg
– Pilchards 100 tins
– Pasta 60kg
– Vegetables and Fruit
– Bread 120 loaves
– Meat/ chicken where possible
– Cooking Oil 16 litres
– Salt/ Spices

Our recipients are around 70% children and 30% adults from all ethnicities and backgrounds. Poverty is their common denominator.

During the festive season their were many fires which destroyed homes in the townships where we work. We are VERY grateful to all who contributed preloved clothing, household goods and assistance during this time.

Ukama Community Foundation supports Teens in the areas we work with sanitary pads, toiletries and stationery for school. We have distribution points in Capricorn, Masiphumelele and Ocean View for this.

Our Ukama ECD Support Program supports 6 informal ECD centres situated in Vrygrond/ Capricorn and Overcome Heights. We ensure children have 2 hot meals per day and-= provide support’ by collecting educational games, toys, clothing and other basic needs. We believe in the next generation and run special collections at Easter and Christmas.

We expect 2021 will be a year of much more intense poverty due to the continued covid economic crisis and higher-than-ever unemployment rates. Ukama continues to try to find the funding to support to continue all our projects and ensure we make communities stronger and their suffering a little less,

THANK YOU for the amazing support of every single sponsor, donor and supporter who makes it possible to improve the lives in our communities we remain forever grateful!