Our mission has always been to offer niche hand-packed services for natural food products while at the same time empowering our micro-entrepreneur packaging services who partner with us and are part of our supply chain of services. Ours is a unique enterprise that’s structured differently from most; a difference we value as we believe it nurtures community. Community is inherent in our name UKAMA, a Shona word for family and we are related. It’s a word which encompasses our inclusive philosophy as well as our every-day practice.

It’s a practice that has stood us in good stead for never has community been more crucial for our survival as a business than in the last 12 months. Ukama has been fortunate to be considered an essential service and we’ve come through a nerve-wracking time when livelihoods were on the line and our survival at stake, through an unwavering faith that together, we would get through this difficult and challenging time.

As a packaging business, we’ve well-versed in hygiene already, so we were able to maintain very strict covid protocols which have so far kept all our staff safe in the past year. Looking back, we’re so grateful that our soup kitchens and ECD centres in the Foundation all had sanitiser and masks supplied and we have continued to provide a staggering 10 000 meals per week since March 2020.

We may admire smart packaging on the shelf when we purchase products, but it’s easy to forget that how a product is packaged and by whom is a vital part of the production chain. We’re incredibly proud to be contract packing for significant businesses in the natural and organic market sector.

Our work begins with our hearts rooted in community – our services are provided by a community of team workers, for a business community whose ethos includes sustainability and care for the environment: and together we’re delivering a product to the wider community: that’s you!

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