At the beginning of Covid19, we equipped 10 community leaders with pots, and supported them with ingredients and electricity/gas to enable them to serve a hot meal daily to their immediate community.

The reason why this has worked so well is that they are run BY the community and FOR the community. The leaders know who is struggling during this time, they know the people, they know what type of food is suitable for their own people, and they can identify and assist those most vulnerable (they take food to the elderly who cannot come out). Almost all of the kitchens we support have found more donors, sponsors and volunteers from the community.

These are not a “handout” situation…these are community leaders being empowered and empowering their communities. The sense of community is what will get us through Covid19. We are feeding around 1500 people per day. Donations of non-perishable foods and monetary donations are gratefully received.