Our Services

Organic Packing

Ukama is Organic Certified for packing by Ecocert. The organic movement is all about transparency. From showing ingredients used to the source of their origin, organic food products and goods rely on transparency to deliver a message of transparency and “good for you” quality to consumers. We pack for companies that are Organic Certified and ensure the organic food products retain all their intrinsic properties.

Dry Food Packing

At Ukama we pack ambient dry products into various formats such as bags, doy pouches, bottles, jars and cartons. We specialise in niche hand packing.

All our packing services are covered by our Intertek Certification which is renewed annually.


We are able to assist with dry ingredient blending. One of the first steps to manufacturing quality food products is ingredient blending. It’s a process that requires attention to detail only the highest-quality custom blending companies can offer. For smaller food manufacturers lacking the capacity or equipment to blend on their own Ukama is an ideal partner.


Liquid Packing

At Ukama we bottle liquid products and can offer gas flushing on certain products depending on the format. We pack oils, vinegars and other liquids for the FMCG and health food markets.



Ukama offers smaller runs of powder capsuling which is ideal for smaller brands.



We can mill any non-oily grains into flours.


Halaal Packing

We are fully compliant and certified by SANHA”.


Kosher Packing

We are fully compliant and certified by Kosher SA.