At Ukama, we never stop packing Soaring Free Superfoods!  We’ve always got something on the go and the minute we’re done, new orders come pouring in.  This just goes to show how much in demand their products are!

So naturally, we have a super-team to pack for them! Headed up by Crystalina Majiet, fondly known by all simply as ‘Sister’, she has been running the Organic Line for Soaring Free for the past 5 years. She employs 5 ladies from the community who take the utmost pride and care in packing all the Soaring Free products to the highest standards of excellence. Sister Crystalina is a Wife, a Mom, a Grandmother and a Church Leader who leads her team with organisation, strict standards and a kind compassion.

What’s your favourite superfood? We confess to being particularly fond of their Cacao Powder and Cacao Nibs!

THANK YOU for the amazing support of every single sponsor, donor and supporter who makes it possible to improve the lives in our communities we remain forever grateful!